Indian Administrative Services


The Indian Administrative Service is the administrative civil service of the government of India. IAS officer has a great position in the Union Government.IAS is on the top three examination in all India services. IAS officers are recruited by the central government based on the recommendation of the (UPSC) UNION PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION and they are posted under various state government. The IAS officers are highly respected by the society coupled with the significant task of administering public offices and it is one of the most desirable jobs in India. While the respective state governments have control over them, they cannot censure or take disciplinary actions against an IAS officers or an All India service officer, without consulting the Union Government.


To get into IAS the UPSC conducts civil services examination every year. It basically has three stages(preliminaryexam, mains exam, and personality test/interview). Candidates have to first write a preliminary examination which consist of two papers, where they are tested on the subjects such as Economic,Politic,History,and Geography Environment, awareness of the current affairs, Reading Comprehension, logical reasoning and basic numeracy skills. Only those who qualify the preliminary level are eligible to proceed to the second stage, which referred to as the “Mainsexam”. Also, candidates have to write nine papers in the main exams, where they are tested on the Indian and world history, constitutional low, International relations and multilateral bodies, world geography and administrative ethics. Those who successfully clear the Mains exams are then interviewed by the Union Public Service Commission, and a final list of recommended candidates is forwarded to the Government of India It is also considered to be extremely challenging. To enter into the IAS is considered as a very difficult exam. The candidates who are selected by (UPSC) union public service commission preferred(IAS) Indian Administrative Service, more than (IPS) Indian police service and (IFS) Indian Foreign service.


After the candidates get selected they are allocated to different cadres based on the roster maintained by the commission.


A Civil Officers is responsible for the law and order and general administration in the area under his work. The functions of an IAS officer are:


1) To handle the daily affairs of the government, including framing and implementation of policy in consultation with the minister-in-charge of the concerned ministry


2) Implementation of policy requires supervision.


3) Implementation requires travelling to places where the policies are being implemented.


4) Implementation also includes expenditure of public funds which again requires personal supervision as the officers are answerable to the  Parliament and State Legislature for any irregularities that may occur.


5) In the process of policy formulation and decision making, officers at various levels like joint secretary, deputy secretary make their contributions and the final shape to the policy is given or a final decision is taken with the concurrence of the minister concerned or the cabinet depending upon the gravity of the issue


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