Our Class-rooms consist of not just four walls, but they are practically the laboratories where young minds are scientifically trained to acquire knowledge and techniques to succeed in the civil services exam.   The interactive lectures are held in Air-conditioned class-rooms. The topics under the prescribed syllabus are thoroughly covered by the teachers. The lectures are further supplemented by our study-material. Every effort is made to cover all aspects of a given topic which may be important for the exam— directly or indirectly. This exam is not mere test of knowledge and information. In fact, it aims at evaluating a candidate's suitability to the challenging and ever-important civil services. A candidate's originality of thinking and his point of view on a topic are therefore decisive in his success or failure in this exam. In order to develop the students' critical and analytical abilities, they are encouraged to engage in group discussions and critical analysis of a given topic.
The various seminars organized by the Academy supplement a student's class-room learning in a significant way. It has been a common observation that even a student with sound academic background and above-average intelligence fail at this examination despite his best preparation. Such a student only prepares his course but fails to prepare himself. This exam requires one to prepare not only his subjects and course but also himself. This requires a practical attunement of one's personality to the demands and requirements of this exam. The seminars address these areas and focus on enabling the participants to develop abilities to face the problems and come up with solutions rather than run away from them.
The students, through the seminars, are taught the art of success—the art of managing oneself, time management, energy management, mind management and human resources management. Civil Services Examination, at every stage, tests the administrative suitability of a candidate.  trains his students to develop in themselves the traits of a good administrator. An attitudinal change and personality development is the basic motto of the seminars. And often, the result is - a paradigmatic shift in the way the participants think about virtually everything.

Guest Lectures
The motto of the Academy inspires us to believe that true knowledge should liberate the learner of his ignorance and bondage. So, we let good ideas and words of wisdom enter the existing realm of knowledge from all directions. In order to widen the scope of knowledge and broaden the horizons of its students, the Academy arranges guest lectures by senior bureaucrats, successful students, eminent scholars and behavioural experts. Such exercises help the students acquire alternative perspectives and possibilities.


An average civil services aspirant needs to refer to a large number of books for each subject. The problem is that almost every prescribed book has only a small part which is relevant for this exam. So, the whole exercise of going through the entire prescribed readings turns out to be quite exhausting. Therefore, the subject-experts and teachers of the academy have put in great efforts to come out with a systematic compilation of relevant study material. These student-friendly notes prove to be highly useful for the students. Every student is given a set of study material for the concerned subjects. Though going through original texts cannot be completely substituted, yet these sets of reading material help candidates in organizing their studies within a limited time.

After a topic has been taught, the student must undertake self-study. And, a library is quintessential in students' preparation for the civil services exam. Adhaarshila IAS Academy realized this need right in the beginning. Right from its inception, the Academy has maintained library-cum-reading-room to facilitate longer and efficient self-study hours for its students. The library consists of good number of reference books, text books, journals, periodicals, magazines and all major national dailies - in English and Hindi. The library is placed under an experienced and cooperative librarian. The students use the reading room for their self studies, which further boost up their preparations.


Accommodation Facilities
Most of its students being outstation candidates, the Academy arranges Paying Guest Rooms. Separate accommodation facilities are available for boys and girls. The arrangement includes boarding and lodging facilities. The charges for these facilities are fairly reasonable. The Academy has deputed dedicated staff-members for care-taking and overseeing hygiene and comfort in these paying guest accommodation


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